Vehicles for Sale

Military M116 Huskies for sale

These units are not owned by Midwest Military. Please make your inquiries to the owner noted below!! Asking $75,000 for both plus all of the extra tracks and parts, including a complete extra set of side skirts. If interested email Mike Howard, SN 56 Husky for Sale, camo unit. Unit is running and all […]

GMC CCKW Bolster Truck

GMC CCKW Bolster Truck for sale. European return. This truck was in the Norwegian army and put away as a new truck for long term storage. You will find that everything got covered in protective grease or covering material to prevent corrosion. The truck is virtually new in every respect. Runs like a fine Swiss […]

M43 Dodge Ambulance

M43 Dodge Ambulance for sale. Very nice, almost rust-free, western truck. Minor surface rust only, no rot. Front fenders are solid under the headlamps. We have installed an overhauled distributor, new fuel pump, plugs, water pump, hoses, clamps and a new belt. Runs strong, moves under its own power and all gear boxes are working […]