M274A5 Mule for Sale

M274A5 Mule for Sale

M274A5 Mule

I purchased the M274A5 from “Mechanical Mules of America, Inc” Sept 2015. I was going to use the mule at the farm but when I picked it up in Hamilton, Montana, it was so perfectly restored that I keep it in our hanger at the airport and just use it in parades and to cruise around the airport. It was surplussed from the Marine Corps, 1968 model. It’s in perfect condition, runs perfect, no oil consumption. Restoration included a right hand seat with foot rest, two small folding seats in the back for grandkids, under-bed weapon mount, pedestal mount. I paid $15,636.

Anyone interested can google “Mechanical Mules of America” for details regarding the restoration process. It was a four month process.

Picture, below. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to demo the mule.

Weapon mount, military owners manuals, spare spark plugs and fan belt included but not the M2HB Browning.

Midwest Military does not own this vehicle. For more information or purchase, contact Tim Powell noted below.

Selling price $8,900.

Contact: Tim Powell, timpowell319@q.com

M274A5 Mule

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