Dodge M43 Ambulance 4×4 Military Power Wagon

Dodge M43 Ambulance 4×4 Military Power Wagon

Nice Dodge M43 Ambulance for sale. Minor rust behind both doors. Noted in the photos. Doors are solid and the front fenders are not rusty under the headlamps. Body is straight. Still 24V with all the correct electrical components. Rebuilt fuel pump, new plugs and overhauled distributor. Starts and runs good with good oil pressure. Moves under its own power. No brakes and the fuel tank will need to be cleaned out. Worst part of the truck is someone cut windows in the side panels. Rear step is there as are the upper litter racks.

No title, sold with bill of sale only.

Contact John at Midwest Military,

Price: $2500.00
I can arrange shipping most anywhere in the world. Not asking a lot for the truck, just want to see it go to a good home.

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